Where do you start if you want to make a difference with your donation? You're in the right place on Give the Change! Here you choose a project that you want to support, by donating or sharing.

Give the Change is an initiative by Triodos Foundation, aimed at stimulating positive change with the use of gift money. Through Give the Change we offer a platform to projects that we know and appreciate. This way you can be sure that your donation will end up in the right place.

Do you want to start a campaign yourself? Click below to share your idea with us and we will contact you. If we are a good fit, you will soon be able to present your initiative here.

Together we can make more impact.

What do you want to change?

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€219.597 raised
Latest donation 01-12-2021 | 16:58
€100 Anonymous To: Join us! Happy Healthy Kids in Uganda | Heights and Minds Foundation

Triodos Foundation

Triodos Foundation is a non-profit foundation and an independent part of Triodos. Triodos Foundation was established in 1971 to stimulate positive developments in the field of nature, social welfare and international solidarity with donations. Initiatives that strive for a better quality of life, based on respect for each other and for the earth.